CmWorld 2D

Open Source-based
2D Web GIS Engine

  • Web-based GIS site Design/Construction Service
  • Increasing Accessibility and expandability using Open-source library
  • Map Service with Open-map
  • Large Vector Data Service
  • GIS Calculation and Thematic Map Drawing Service
  • Following OGC standard
  • Mobile Map Service

CmWorld 3D

3D GIS Javascript Library

  • Integrated Land Management Based on 3D Geo-Spatial grid system
  • WebGL-based GIS and 3D Simulation
  • DEM + Raster Data + 3D Mesh Data
  • Large Vector Data Visualization/Management
  • Vwrold Image Map/3D Mesh Data Format Supporting
  • 3D Geographic Data Spatial Analyzing and Calculating Service
  • Large Object Rendering and Special Visualizing Service
  • Game Engine Supporting Service


  • Map Design using Digital Map and Aerial Image
  • Tile Map Processing Solution for Web Service
  • Raster, DEM, 3D Model, Vector Data Viewing
  • Satellite/Aerial

    (Geo-Tiff, ECW, etc)
  • Altitude Data

    (DEM, BIL, etc)
  • Vector Data

  • JPG, PNG
  • CBT
  • CMV